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A curated network of therapists and health coaches

A curated network of therapists and health coaches

Embodying a balance of science and empathy, MamaLift is designed to work with you through every stage of motherhood. We provide you with the resources you need to thrive as a mother. 

With features to track your exercise and mood, daily learning, and access to health coaches and therapists, MamaLift supports your health and well-being

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You are not alone. Symptoms of depression and anxiety, such as mood swings, crying spells, and decreased energy, are experienced by one in five new mothers. MamaLift can help see you through a time when you need as much care and attention as your baby. Health coaches are available to help support you and achieve your health goals. Connect with a therapist when you need additional support. MamaLift is here to complement and enhance professional care, so you can feel confident on your journey to wellness.

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